More MTC Life

After the excitement of the MTC beginning, you kind of settle in to a routine. I think I was there for 3 1/2 weeks before departing to Calgary, Alberta, and each day was scheduled in full. Let's see if I can recall the entire schedule....

You wake up (of course), shower, get ready, go have breakfast at the cafeteria (which is not really bad, despite what many people like to say).

Next you go to your morning class. Next lunch, then afternoon class, then dinner, then evening class. Once or twice a week, interspersed throughout the evenings, you would have a large group meeting where the majority of the MTC would come together to hear one of the Quorum of the Twelve or Qurum of the Seventy speak.
Also, I can't recall the exact timing of it, but we spent an hour or two a day in the call center, which was pretty exciting stuff. Maybe 30 - 50 missionaries would sit in the call center and follow up with folks who had seen the commercials and ask if they received their videos, or Bibles, or Book of Mormon copy. Sometimes people would be receptive and want to learn more; sometimes people would want to chat about struggles they'd been having in their life. Sometimes they were just bad numers where some prankster had sent his buddy the next dorm room a video. (ha ha...I never did think it was very funny). Most of the time it was folks who were curious enough to get a video or book but wanted to explore on their own terms or own timeline, which is OK, too. Every once in a while someone would want to have the missionaries in the area come follow up so they could learn more.
Most of the time spent in the MTC was spent studying the scriptures and the lessons. The purpose of it (for people going to missions that speak the native language already) really is to put the finishing touches on their Spiritual development, to make sure missionaries learned reasonable teaching techniques and that the missionaries understand the basic fundamentals of the gospel. It really is a platform that is meant to teach missionaries HOW to study, so they can study the scriptures their entire mission to continue to grow and develop.
Also at the MTC you are organized into districts. A district is a group of 10 or so missionaries that go through the MTC together. I think my district had 4 elders going to Canada, 2 going to Oakland, California, one or two sisters going to the Provo, Utah mission, and two sisters going to Houston, Texas. It helps to have the same group b/c you grow together and get to know each other. It helps you feel comfortable and creates a better learning environment because you know the people you are studying with.
The MTC also teaches many languages. I ddin't go on a foreign-speaking mission, but there were missioaries there learning every language under the sun, it seemed. Many of them just from the States or Canada who had never learned Tagalog or French or Russian. Those groups would generally stay in the MTC for 8 weeks to learn the gospel lessons and the language as well.
Above are two of the instructors that I got pictures taken with. The one on the right was really helpful to me in learning to understand and recognize the influence of the Spirit. We talked about Galations chapter 5 a bit if I remember correctly.
And here is a picture of my district with one of the other MTC sister instructors. After only 3 weeks together, it's really neat how close you can feel with a group you never knew before.

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