August 1997 -- the Airport

After three weeks in the MTC, it was time for our district to go it's separate ways. Elders and Sisters are handed flight schedules and told where to meet the transport going to the airport. I think it was a Tuesday morning. I was so scared I was going to sleep in and miss the bus, or miss my flight.
A rather silly tradtion (that has since gone away for reasons you will see) for missionaries from the Greater Salt Lake area is for friends, families and well wishers to greet you at the airport and say goodbye one more time. I'm not sure why this was ever really allowed (maybe there's nothing anyone could do do disallow it). It was an exciting moment, to see everyone again, but it was also very stressful and difficult. Three weeks after saying goodbye to everyone, you see them all again and have to say goodbye again. It is particurlarly agonizing, because you know you aren't going to see these people for two years; you just got done saying bye to them, and then *poof* here they are in your life again.
Here are some of my friends who came out at some horribly early hour to see me off.
Parents and family come, too.
Here is my mom and my brother.
For security reasons, of course, no one is allowed to the departure gate in the airport to say goodbye to anyone. I imagine this makes the airport a much easier experience for missionaries flying away to their sundry destinations. I hope so.

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