Mission President Letter -- Aug 26, 1997

When I arrived to the mission home in August, the mission president and his wife sent a letter home to my parents. It is a good idea and probably a standard practice. I thought it was a little interesting. I have blanked out names to protect the innocent:

"August 26, 1997

"Dear Brother and Sister Bettilyon,

"It was a pleasure for us to welcome your son, Elder Matthew Bettilyon, to the Canada Calgary Mission on Tuesday afternoon Aug, 19, 1997. He was in good health and good spirits. He spent one day with us in the mission home receiving orientation, and we are already aware of his great potential to be an excellent missionary. His sprit and desire will assist as he performs his labor of love here in Canada. He will be an invaluable servant of our Heavenly Father.

"His first companion, Elder....., of North Ogden, Utah, will do an excellent job of training your son for his service to the Lord. His new address is: 1210 13th St. S. Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 1S9

"Enclosed is a picture of your son and us, as well as a sheet of suggestions which answer most of the questions asked by parents. These suggestions are offered in a spirit of love, and we hope they will assist you and your missionary in the service he has begun.

"Thanks you for helping him prepare for his mission. We pray the Lord will abundantly bless all of you as you share his missionary experience. We know that your life and the lives of your familly will be blessed as you support Elder Bettilyon in the call he has accepted.

"Kindest personal regards,

I am sure a lot of this is a canned form letter, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't true or offered in a spirit of love. I'd like to think that I did actually arrive in good spirits and show at least some potential of being an "excellent missionary." I was probably more like a deer in headlights.

I'm not sure if I have the picture any more. If I can locate it I'll scan it back into this post.

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