13 Oct 1997 - Canadian Thanksgiving

Looks like I missed a week in there. Thanksgiving in Canada:

Dear Family,

I hope things are well with you all down there. Today is THANKSGIVING in CAnada. Pretty cool, eh? I really don't have any idea why Thanksgiving is today, and not November, but, hey, that's life, eh? We're having dinner with the G family. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, if they aren't any in this letter, there will be more coming.

Thanx for the FAX, Dad, it was good to get another Letter after a week or so.

Well, we're quite short of investigators right now. The B's are getting a bit nervous now, but we will see what happens. MJ (mom) and AJ (oldest son, already baptized) came to church yesterday. (also two weeks ago they came). MJ was x'd, but she is quite sincere about rejoining. AJ's 12 yrs old & been baptized. T is 9 or 10 and is not reading or praying...we'll keep working w/ him. & Sam. She is 8 & reads & has prayed about the Book of Mormon. She's ready to be baptized. & T. He's the Dad. I don't know what is keeping him from joining. He has a Word of Wisdom problem, but he is a strong-willed person. I know he could break his habits. We will, of course, continue working with them. They have progressed a lot. So, I will give them some credit. Actually, they were my first discussion. After my first Dinner Appointment, we went to their place, & watched a video, & Elder O. talked to them for awhile while I almost fell asleep. What a crazy day that was. My first day in Lethbridge. Wow.

There's not much else to say right now, 'cept thanks for talking w/ C [an inactive friend at home] and that J's birthday is coming up on Dec 5th. She'll be twenty-two.

P.S. enclosed is a pic. of the Alberta temple. Found in Cardston, Alberta. Lovely, isn't it? (This is before the remodel. Search on google and you'll see some pretty nice newer ones.)

A mention of J requires a little more information. I had dated her before my mission for 6 months or so. After being counseled in Priest's quorum for 2 years to not get steadily involved with any girls prior to departing for missionary service, I had finally gotten 'clean' and was planning on staying that way. (Just a nice way of saying that a girl I really liked dumped me, really). Then one day in choir at SLCC, she slides over to me and says "do you want to go to they symphony with me this Friday?" How could I say no to free tickets to the Utah Symphony! Turns out her father played in it and they had some really great seats, so we went and enjoyed dinner with her parents and then went to the symphony. Our relationship blossomed, oddly, since I didn't want it to...but faling in love with love is something that's easy to do as Ella Fitsgerald sings it. J decided to serve on a geneaology church service mission at the same time I was serving, so we were trying to enjoy our missions together. I will have to fish out a few journal entries that talk about her, it will add a fun element.

Anyway, as I departed on my mission, I have J a 'promise ring.' I think that we both deciphered this ring to mean something different, and my family was just as confused as I was. I was pretty sure the ring meant that J would wait for me and we would continue our relationship after the missions were served and see what happened. Silly of me to think that a relationship could stay static for 2 years.

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