15 SEP 1997

Dear Family,

I hope all is well; haven't heard from some of you in a while, but the ladies are doing great! (As in, the ladies in the famiy are great at writing). I love all the wonderful letters, and am thankful for them.

The mission life is going well, I'm settling in quite well adn am starting to have a "sound mind" about the work -- gaining some confidence here & there, obtaining the word so that my tongue can be loosed (D&C 11:21).

The baptism when well, thought I think I already wrote home about that. The next marvelous thing I acquired after the baptism was a very mean sprained ankle. Twisted while playing ball last week. It's bruised up quite beautifully & my favorite part about having the injury is accepting advice from so many different people: "Wrap it up like this" or "Don't walk on it!" or "Walk it off" or "ice it" or "let's play basketball" or "don't let it tighten up." So many decisions.....*sigh* -- not really, it's doing better, it'll just take a little time.

As for current investigators, we ran into some people the other day who were ...[nervous]...about what happens after death, she said she'd never ahd a religion before, but wanted to learn more, we'll see what we can teach her! [sad part is I can't even remember who this letter is referring to!] I suppose the most difficult investigators would be D & D. Don't get me wrong, I love both of them to death, but we had committed both of them to baptism, and then they were anti-ed. [which means that someone shared some anti-LDS literature with them -- generally very emotionally-based and pretty inflammatory stuff]. I don't know what materials were used on them, but now they've uncomitted themselves themselves. D's data was the 16th (tomorrow), but we will recommit her; and D's is the 21st; which could still happen, but I don't think so, b/c we still haven't taught her the 4th D (Law of Chastity and [Word of Wisdom]), and she smokes a bit & drinks a little coffee; we will see, though. ...

We are having more luck w/ less-actives right now, though. Helping a Bro C to stop smoking so he can be sealed, and other L.A. couples to attend the temple again. There's always work to do!

Love you all!

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