20 Oct 1997 - The Drunken Discussion

Dear Family,

Hope all is well. Thank you so much for the package. It was well received. We, Elder L. and I, had quite a time packing it back from the Post Office! Actually, there's a wonderful story to tell about packing it back.

We were almost home and I was carrying the blanket, Elder L. was carrying everything else in his bag. Anyhow, an old contact yelled out her window to us as we walked by the door. "How come you don't come by and visit me anymore!?!?" We had actually tried that morning, but we were happy to go back. So we went in the house and four native [as in Native American Indian] ladies were sitting around a kitchen table and were drunker than skunks! One kept passing out, one wanted to be baptized. One praised Jesus, but wouldn't stop yelling, the last, the original contact, just sort of sat there. We taught most of a 1st [discussion] to 'em and committed them to baptim on Nov 1st. Lo and Behold, they've missed all of our appts. since then, huh? But when we finished the prayer, they all yeled "AMEN" "PRAISE JESUS!" "HALLELUJAH!" And crossed themselves. When we pulled out Christ's picture on the flipchart, they all started to bawl. The one who wanted to be baptized was saying she was a sinner & had to stop drinking alcohol so she could be baptized. She said "Mormons make good people." She was a homeless RN; I feel for her, but , hey, I'll baptizer whenever she's ready. :)

[I remember this experience quite well in hindsight. The worst part is I really believed they wanted to get baptized and that behind the alcohol, somewhere, they really were sincere. How silly of me. I guess we see what we want to see sometimes, and I remember really wanting a lot of baptism commitments. I even reported the four commitments to the ZL but he never did report them as genuine commitments, I think].

Also, the B. kids are scheduled for baptism on Nov 5th. It shold be wonderful. We've been working w/them for quite a long time, so it'll be very good to see them baptized. Also A., another member of the family, 13, who'se a member, will be getting the priesthood around the same time. Sis. V. needs to go through [some repentance process]. But she'll be baptized one day.

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