22 SEP 1997

Dear Family,

Well, it seems like everything is going well at home right now, which is good to hear. Things are going quite well out ehre, except for those two baptismal commitments which fell through, but that is what a mission is all about. [Pretty sure I meant dealing with people who make saddening decisions, not failing to baptize people.] I haven't told you what happened with them yet [actually I did in the last letter, so I'm skipping that part]....What is really stupid about D'd denial of the truth is she is stopping her children from progressing. She has two children who are ready to be baptized, and all 4 of her children loved us, and she decided, "No...I've just got some things I've got to work out first." [seems pretty clear the anti-mormon literature did the trick. I never did feel like I developed a good strategy for combating it].

But, people are under the plan of Free Agency. They are free to choose; which can be rather unfortunate sometimes, because people don't always make the correct choices.

But, there is another family we are working with right now that is progressing rather well. One child is baptized, the other two are not...But the parents are doing uiqte well. M.J., the mother, wanted a priesthood blessing. The family moved to a different location in the ward a hile ago & she was/is getting very stressed out. So Elder O annointed & I Blessed. It was an awesome experienced. The Spirit told me everything I was supposed to say to her, so I said it, and we all knew the words I spake were from Heavenly Father. That was a good feeling.

Also, I did receive the socks and cookies, and thank you so much for them, I do so appreciate them.

Everything is going well, and I do love to hear from you all.

[Giving this blessing was a pretty important milestone for me. I remember that I gave a blessing or two in the MTC that were also very spiritual experiences, but this one felt very Spiritually poignant to the situation and to myself. It was pretty Spiritually satisying for me to know that I could function as a priesthood holder successfully in this capacity.]

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