27 Oct 1997

Dear Fam --

Well shoot, there goes another month. October is going to be over on Friday; it had just barely started I thought.

We had some fun yesterday. Elder Robbins of the 70 came down and organized the Lethbridge West stake. I suppoe that's some gossip....

Anyhow, remember D.F.? She was committed for baptim & she uncommitted herself? Well, she asked to hear the discussions again. Hopefully she will follow through. Though she's what we call an eternal gator [eternal invetigator i.e. someone who never decides to commit to be baptized but never stops the missionaries from coming over. Sometimes just having someone listen helped me feel like I was being successful though in hindsight I think not spending time at this particular home would have been a good thing.] She seems to have had a change of heart, and is sincere, so we are hoping she won't bail out on us like she so often has.

But when the buffegins of Satan comes to keep her from the baptism, we hope she will not shrivel up & die. We will make sure she has sufficient strength to oversome atan. She will get sick, and she will get stressed. But she can overcome.

T. and S. B. are scheduled for baptism on Nov 5. That will be exciting to see. They've been through 13 sets of msionaries. T. the father, is working on his WOW problem [not world of warcraft, Word of Wistom]. And MJ, the mom, is working through the Bishop.

I do have somewhat to say concerning another subject, though. (Sounds like it's straight from the BofM). As for the family's relationshi to J. [my promissed girlfriend], I do not know, but let me tell you how I'm feeling. I do not know who I am to wed. My Patriarchal Blessing says o prayerfully chooe a wife after my mission. Not before, or not during, but after. I am not upet, but just wanted to clarify this. Please do not stray from it, or begin to rationalize from it. Do not say that there is a chance I could marry her b/c I've given her a promise ring, do not say I'll never talk to her again.

(I'm not angry, just wanting to clarify my point).

Hope all else is well. Elder L. is from Price, Utah, his mother is also an RN; she worked graveyards for 30 years in the Emergency Room and is now working home health. She enjoys it much, much more.

L. loves to hunt, & talk abt. motorcycles, so I'm learning a bit abt. bikes!

Love you,

Elder Bettilyon

[Appears that some of my doubts about my relationship with J. finally started coming out here. I think they had been brewing for quite a while.]

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Justin and Emily said...

Where did all those comments about J come from? Was someone, maybe me??? peskering you about her? Were you getting a lot of letters about her.Geesh were was I?

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