29 SEP 1997 -- Cranbrook, BC

Dear Family,

I hope all is well with everybody! I'm sure it is, and I'm guessing that Mom and H. are both in school now, meaning that Dad is the only oe left who is not attending school. I hope you don't feel too left out, dad; I'm sure you don't -- I'm sure that you're having a fun enough time switching jobs -- or trying to switch, or trying to find one to switch to.
[not sure where this job switching line came from, my Dad was employed at the same place when I got home as when I wrote this letter. Hmm...]

Anyhow, I'm having fun -- The zone leaders decided that it was my turn to go on zone tour. So Elder S. and I took off for Cranbrook, British Columbia [the SW corner of the Canada Calgary Mission, as chance would have it] on Friday, 26 Sept, and I'm having a wonderful time. My temporary comp. is Elder G who came out last transfer (been in the field 1.5 - 2 weeks). He's from somewhere in Oregon, don't know quite where, though.

We had an interesting experience yesterday. A fellow named S.A. was baptized. He lives out in the woods and is a farmer. Well, I suppose that when he was baptized, he wanted to keep his traditions as a "woods man," if you will, and was baptized in a lake! I took several shots of the lake; it was gorgeous. But that day, I learned why we have fonts .... reverence. Nobody dressed up for the occaion, main fact, some peopke dressed immodestly - and the confirmation was at his father's house -- And before the confirmation, he asked his brother to read some poetry, which was also quite inappropriate. : it was an interesting experience, that is for sure.

Anyhow, we're just having a dandy 'ol time in Cranbrook, and we're just havin a dandy 'ol time bringing souls to Christ. Take care, love you all.

[The zone tour is where the zone leader tours the zone and meets with each elder or at least most of the elders and makes sure they're doing okay, trains, comforts, builds up, that sort of thing. It was a chance for me to molt my greenie skin from my trainer and figure out who I was without his guidance -- it was that for both Elder G and myself, I imagine. Elder G. and I developed a friendship that existed throughout the mission from this 1 - 2 week stay in Cranbrook.]

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Chris said...

I would have LOVED to do a baptism in a lake or something interesting... just boring old fonts for me.

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