30 Oct 1997 -- Special Transfer!!

Dear Fam;

Here's some letters 'n stuff that's about due time sent home. There's a CD somewhere in there of the SLCC [salt lake community college] choir if you'd like to listen to it. Other than that, it's pretty much "confidential" if you know what I mean.

[not sure what I meant by confidential. As for the CD, it was choral music I'd sung the year before I started my mission. I don't think any was bad, but it did not fall within the very specific mission guidelines].

I'm sending it b/c I'm getting a special transfer to Edmonton. I'm not sure what the circumstances are, but I'm off & I found out only 17 hrs. before I am to be on the bus, so I'm as surprized as you! Transfer day is sitll two weeks away!

Sure do love ya!

Elder Bettilyon

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