Sep 6, 1997

Elder Bettilyon
855 Columbia Boulvard
Lethbridge, AB Canada

Dear Family,

I hope you all enjoyed general conference. I know I did, It’s something I’ve not really experienced to it’s fullest until I came out on my mission. Appreciating the /Brethren is so much easier, and enjoyable, now. I had a fun time in Cranbrook, BC with Elder Griffith, we worked hard, and we did some good work. I helped them commit an 8 year old for baptism (whose parents are very less-active). Also, we got another family to come out to church who had stopped coming, which was good.

Mother, it sounds as if all the time you’ve put in to becoming an RN has paid off. You sound happy, things are starting to Jell, and, well, that’s about it. I guess. I haven’t worn my CTR socks yet, but it hasn’t been cold enough yet! I don’t know what the usual temperature is here, but it’s been a bit nippy lately. The wind is what makes it nippy. But, alas, it is all for the good. It would normally be colder right now, except “El Nino” is making the weather quite warmer. So, I’m lucky this year to not get so cold. I was getting nervous that the winter clothes wouldn’t work out, but I think they will. I was going to have to spent A LOT of money, except my coats & boots & gloves, so far, I’m guessing will be okay. All I need is a scarf, which shouldn’t set me back too much, now should it?

I have changed a lot – in my countenance, I think. In Cranbrook & on the way back from Cranbrook to Lethbridge, I grew a lot. Elder [S…], my Zone leader, who goes home in a month, talked to me about always being a builder, never tearing anyone down, and we talked about husbands not loving their wives, but being selfish. Somewhere, I grew enough to have a rather dramatic change in my appearance. Happier, beaming eyes, smiling; Elder [H…] said, “Bettilyon, you look different!” When we got back to Lethbridge. ([H…] leaves to go home in a week or two & is my other ZL). I can see myself looking different, and you can, perhaps, see what I mean in some of these pictures I’ll send home today!

Also, we’re continuing to work with the [B…] famly. The children look like they’ll be baptized by the end of October. […], the youngest girl, prays for me every night, and that my ankle will get better. Her prayers, along with yours, have & are being answered. My ankle is doing quite well. I have some wonderful pictures enclosed of it’s bruising. It should be wonderful.

Also, the pic’s w/ the Children are at the …’s house. I love those kids, & the parents have just started on the non-smoking program, so we’ll be going over there continually for a while. It should be lovely.

Oh yes, as for the [B…]’s whom I forgot to write about: T and MJ are coming around quite well, also. T knows it’s true, but I don’t think he wants to admit it b/c he is afraid of quitting smoking & coffee. He has nothing to fear, for “God will provide a way, and when there is no way, God will provide a way.” -- Hinckley. And Also 2 Timothy 1:7-8. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of pwer, and of love, and of a sound mind.” T will do okay.

I love you, and look forward to your letters!

Elder Bettilyon

[pretty clear I was completely fascinated by the idea presented in Alma 5 enought to fill a page about it. I remember wondering if I truly had received His image in my countenance as Alma asks in this chapter, really hoping that I had.]

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