10 Nov 1997 -- Struck Gold part 1

Elder Bettilyon
#201A 1015 57th St.
Edson, AB T7E-1R2

Dear Family,

I hope you're all doing well. I imagine so, but I've not heard anything b/c of the transfer, but if something was drastically wrong, I'm sure I'd hear of it rather quickly.

Anyhow. It's finally begut to get cold in Edson. Not terribly cold yet, but it just started freezing, wheras I imagine it's been quite chilly in Sandy. But as to that I do not know.

I imagine the Bouvier kids were baptized on 5 Nov '97. I've not heard anything about it. But they were pretty ready to go, so I think they should be just fine.

As for the work in Edson, it's going quite well for us. There is a baptism for DY on Friday, and one on Saturday in a small town named Hinton. His name is CC. Both were just really "handed" to us.

Bro Y. is the most golden person I've ever seen, or ever taught. We taught him all 6 discussions in two days! He only had one or two concerns. One of them was about the pre-mortal life. "I've never heard of that before," he says, "But the Spirit's here, so it must be true..." Elder R. and I just sat there, bewildered. In the MTC, we're taught HOFRS -- Held Others Feel and Recognize the Spirit; here was D Y, doing it for himself. HOFRS, and he'd tell us each time he got a confirmation from the Spirit by looking up and saying, sincerely: "Thank-you, Lord," He's part native, so I guess he is quite open to feeling spirits -- good or evil. Which makes sense.

[Elder Matthew Cowley liked to talk about the New Zelandars and how they were more prone to faith, revelation, spirituality, etc, because they were an unbroken line from the House of Isarael. I'm trying to make the same argument here].

As for Bro CC, he lives in Hinton, and one Sunday, Elder R. called up to see if we could do any work out there . he announced that there was a baptism in two weeks, Bro C. He'd [the branch president] already taught him all the discussions, and most of his concerns had been resolved by his LDS wife. So he's been being prepared for quite a long time by her & we just went & talked to him to insure he'd been taught everything. Sure enough, he had. Another baptism, handed to us. But who am I to complain?

Everything in Edson is going quite well. Love you all. Take Care!

Elder Bettilyon

[As I continued my mission, I decided that every baptism was really handed to me. I'm sure I was never smart enough to say the right things by myself to get someone (even someone who is seeking) to understand the truth of the gospel. I was just in the places the Lord needed a missionary and tried to not mess the process up too badly. The Lord knew whom he wanted in His church, and He was preparing them long before I thought about going on a mission.]


Justin and Emily said...

Our Sunday school teacher is from New Zealand. She met up with a missionary's parents in Utah. The missionary kept telling his parents how spirtual the people in New Zealand are. She told us a story about how they were wanting to build a chapel. They were asked to sacrifice one weeks pay to help pay for this. Many went with one meal a day for quite awhile. She attributed the sprituality to the peoples sacrifice.

Lee&Tami: Their life said...

The ps is interesting - that people who joined were just handed to you. Actually, I think it is right. All a missionary is supposed to do is be the link for the spirit to touch the investigator. If the missionary 'converts' a person, they aren't converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but something else

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