15 Dec 1997 -- Happy Santa

Dear Family,

We had two baptisms this month -- or, I mean, week. I doubt it'll ever happen again! Elder R & I are doing well & we're happy. DY has completely apostatized But we had another baptism on 13 Dec, which made us completely forget about him. We're totally getting blessed.

The only thing, really, I have to say is that I wrote J off today. her letters depress me, they bring me down. She talks down to me when she writes. I've been contemplating doing this since the MTC, and I've finally done it. How am I to know, after three short month, that she is right for me? That is not right. I will find my eternal mate after my mission. I hope you all don't think it's just totally sudden -- I know it seems that way, but I've been thinking of doing this for a while, and I finally decided to do it today.

Anyhow, I just read mother's wonderful letter in cursive type. Edson is a crazy place. It's famed the largest drug capital of Alberta, if not Canada [Okay, this is not true. Nelson, BC has to be a bigger pot haven. This was more of a white trash drug town (read: meth)]. How true that i, we cannot tell, but there are a lot of drugs here. A few weeks ago, Elder R & I were walking out of the building, and some teenagers were sitting on the steps, smoking. They asked if we smoked. R and I just laughed. No we don't smoke. "Well, you're never too young to start!" They called back. We laugh about that quite often. I think the other thing we laugh about is DY. Elder R called him, and asked him if it was all lies. D says, "Yup. I'm usually not this deceitful." We'll just be sitting in the car, nothing to talk about. One of us will say, "I'm usually not deceitful -- I just didn't get Thou shalt not bear false witness!!" or something to that effect.

I'll remember that guy for the rest of my life.

But all is jolly and merry. We had a branch Christmas party a few days ago & I favored some people w/ Silent Night on the guitar. There are some pictures of it, but they need to be developed, first. I was also the host of the party ~ which was quite exciting. There were a few non-members who we had play musical numbers, and I bore my testimony at the end, which was exciting.

Then Santa came - he was just a little drunk. The whole room just reeked like alcohol by the time he left. but he was holly, jolly, and merry, so we were content with it. [The kids sure liked him, too. I'm surprised he didn't crash his car on the way to the next visit. Maybe his wife was driving him around. Too bad we never checked on that]. The way we found him was kind of interesting. We GQ'd this guy on the street, and after he said he wasn't interested, we asked if he knew where Tiny lived -- who is a tall, tall fat dude w/ a big white beard. He(Tiny) gave us another name for Santa, we called [the number and reached the gentleman's]...wife. She called back & said he'd do it. We never even met the dude, but he showed up to play Santa Clause. He was toasted, but hey, he showed up!

That's about it for now. Love you!

Elder Bettilyon

[What I neglected to write here is that the Branch President put us, the missionaries, in charge of planning the activity. I still wonder about that decision. He never asked us to speak in the branch (while I was there, at least), but he had us plan the Christmas Party. One of the bedrock sisters in the ward helped up plan most of it and it was here nonmember friends who brought some guitars and we played Christmas Music together. The best part was finding someone to play Santa, though.

We had seen a man driving around town whom we had already thought to ourselves This Guy looks like Santa! So we asked one of the members if they'd seen him or knew him. Sure, that was "Tiny." So we asked a few people around town if they knew who Tiny was or where we could find him. Someone told us he liked to hang out at the Lion's club. (Still not sure what the Lion's club is). But we drove down and walked in. Boy, we were out of our element -- it was pool tables, beer and cigarette smoke. But we looked around and found Tiny. He was shooting a game of pool so we marched up to talk with him. Elder R did the talking, I was too scared. Tiny was the one who turned us on to the drunk Santa.]

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Justin and Emily said...

Funny, a drunk Santa. Intresting that you planned an activity. I think that would have totally overwhelmed me, but I guess the mission gives you a lot of different experiences

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