17 Nov 1997 - Struck Gold, Part 2

Dear Family,

This has been an exciting week -- the B kids have been baptized -- and it's for sure this time -- last week I hadn't heard any word, but I talked to -- or Elder R. talked to Elder C. (the one I switched places w/ on the Special Transfer). And he said they were baptized. So that was exciting.
Also, DY [this is the GOLD part] was baptized on 14 Nov by Elder R. and I confirmed him. It was a very spiritual baptism, he told (in his testimony) when he finally figured out the [Book of Mormon] was true -- he is a trucker, and he was driving & the spirit told him that the Bible was incomplete & the [Book of Mormon] was what filled in for all the incomplete parts. It was awesome.

Then, we all traveled out to Hinton. (All as in me, Elder R., Elder P. and Elder S., the district leader) to another baptism in Hinton, CC. The Branch President out there gave him all the Discussions, and Elder R and I just went out and made sure he knew everything. He did. His whole family is active members, and when his wife went to take out her endowments, he could finally, well, I don't know, he was finally converted, so he took all the discussions and was baptized. We just went and watched it happen. But, even thought we didn't even teach him, I still love him -- it's just amazing with how much charity the Lord has blessed me with.

Right now, I'm on exchanges in Spruce Grove, which is approx 20 min out of Edmonton. I'm with Elder P, and will be until zone conference in a few days. We drove in to Edmonton today, and are hanging out with missionaries from Edmonton.

Love you all,

Elder Bettilyon

To be concluded...

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