24 Nov 1997

Dear Family,

I hope you are all doing well. I am. There is a mail strike here, so I've not heard too much. We did have a zone conference last week, though, so I got some letters from Lethbridge, and I also got a very nice black scarf from mother. Thanks very much for it.

Well, today has been an exceptional P-day. We went shopping and I just couldn't resist the temptation to buy a steak. I bought it, and it was delicious. I smothered it with onions, salt, pepper, garlic salt, cayenne pepper, and BBQ sauce. I let it cook in it's own blood for almost thirty minutes, it was delicious. I'm usually not a huge steak fan, but I figured a missionary-cooking success story was worthy of being written, as I've had some failures, too. Oh yes, E., another cooking story (just for you). Right after getting transferred to Edson, I bought some onions and cheese, for quite a few potatoes were at the new place. I shredded them [the potatoes] with a cheese grater, and grilled some onions and had hash browns with onions & of course, cheese melted on the top. But, alas, I had a bottle of Crisco right close, so when I feared the potatoes would stick to the pan, I would pour some Crisco in the pan. Well, alas, I put too much oil in the pan, and I had soggy hash-rounds. they were not very good. But I still had to think of you right when I began grilling the onions.

The work in Edson is going quite well. We have a fellow, JB who'se getting a bit close to baptism; we're hoping for December 7th. We also have another baptismal commitment for December 6th in Hinton, DD. He's just a little less golden than was DY. We found him through a media referral, and while on splits w/ the District Leader, Elder R and S taught him a first. R & I came back the next week & he'd kept his commitments to read and pray! [The first commitments of reading a passage and praying to discover it's truthfulness was really the barrier for having someone get converted or not. Most of the time, people would commit, but would not do it.] So we taught him the 2nd and the 3rd and committed him for baptism. Elder R asked him if he'd like to be baptized after we taught him about baptism, and he said "I'd like to get baptized!" So we were like, "okay! wow!" It was pretty cool.

We also taught a fellow named PL the 1st D, and at the end, he said he knew the [Book of Mormon] was true, so R asked if he understood what it meant to say the Book of Mormon was true. He says, "yes," continues Elder R: So you understand that if the [Book of Mormon]'s true, this is the only true church on the earth? And he just kind of said, "uh huh." After the closing prayer, we're getting ready to leave, and he says "Hold on, you guys, I've got a few questions." "Okay." He then asks Elder R if he's a lawyer. "No." "Well then how did you get me to say your church was the church? Did you guys go to law school?" (we just kept o thinking "we didn't twist your arm!").

He was quite surprised, I suppose, that the D's were so well organized as to make him accountable before the Lord when he realizes the [Book of Mormon] is true. The Holy Ghost told him it was true...now he had better act on it. Hopefully he will.

Well, love ya'll. Take good care.

Elder Bettilyon

[As for PL's dubious testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, I think I've decided he didn't really know. I'm not sure why he told us he believed it was true. Then again, maybe he really did believe it when he said it. Elder R and I were really trying to NOT put the poor man through the manipulation pattern, but it looks like we may have done so after all. We never did have another lesson with him that I can recall.]

[As for the hash browns. E. (my younger sister) and I always enjoyed potatoes and grilled onions together before my mission. It was one of the things we enjoyed doing together, so I was pretty excited to try it. I have since learned that blanching the potatoes before grilling them will solve the soggy potato problem. Oh well, live and learn.]

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Chris said...

LOL: "the manipulation pattern" haven't heard that one before.

Also looks like you were a better cook than I at that age. I tried a couple of mom's pasta dishes and they crashed and burned big time. No wonder I was so thankful for dinner appointments.

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