3 Nov 1997 - From Edson

Dear Family,

If you can't tell yet by the change of adress, I got transferred! [some garbage I've already presented below...]

There is a little branch here, the Edson Branch. Which consists of about 60 families. 53 of which (or more) are less active. So there's A LOT of LA work, and a lot of non-member work to do. The B. kids are scheduled for baptism on 5 Nov (wednesday) But nothing's for sure 'till you get my next letter. I told them I'd call on Wednesday after the baptism. Sister B. bawled; well, cried a little, when I said bye to them. [After how corny a greenie I'd been they were probably tears of joy, sheesh...]. S., the 8 year old, when I was to baptize, got quite sad, also. Elder O. will be up on Wednesday, though [ to Lethbridge], for zone conference, and he will baptize them. Elder L. will confirm S.

But I'm not in Lethbridge anymore, I'm in Edson. I must say, I was shocked when I got called to get trasnferred, and I'm now just starting to get over the shock.

I'm not really sure what's going on yet here, but I'll know soon enough, then you'll know too!

Love, Elder Bettilyon

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