31 Oct 1997 -- Bus ride to Edson

The special transfer was an interesting change in my mission. The day before the bus ride, on 30 Oct, I was sitting with my zone leader, Elder S. in a Personal Priesthood Interview and I was explaining to him that I just didn't feel like I'd be comfortable becoming the missionary I wanted to be until I ws transfered into a new area. I had cut my teeth in Lethbridge, but felt like the other Elders knew me and understood me as a newbie, or a greenie, and I didn't know how to break out of those stereotypes. I really felt ready to move on to a new area and start fresh again and try to be a missionary 'on my own.'

Just after we finished that portion of the discussion, the phone rang, Elder S. answered and it was a call from the Assistants to the President. They told Elder S. that I was getting moved to a new area by Edmonton, AB. Pretty coincidental that a special transfer was needed and President decided I was the Elder to move.

For those who don't know, transfers in missions happen when new missionaries come out and departing misionaries go home. Inevitably, those changes stir up other companionships, and 1/2 or 1/3 of the mission usually ends up being transfered. Special transfers happen only when something seriously wrong or pressing occurs and the President can't wait for the next transfer date to move the affected missionaries around. This was such a case. The missionaries in Edson had been disobedient, or gotten into some sort of really bad situation that became necessary for Elder C. to get transferred and switch places with me. I never did find out what they/he were doing, but it was an interesting situation to happen in to.

Here's the map of Lethbridge to Edson:

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One funny detail. I remember stoping at the bus depot in Calgary, AB. It was halloween, and a few of the people were dressed up. Some may have wondered if I was dressing up as a misionary, I wondered. I saw a woman about 60 years old walking through the bus depot with brown paper taped around her body, legs, and arms with black lines drawn in circles around her. She announced that she was a tornado, sweeping through the bus station. What an eclectic experience to have had.

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