8 Dec 1997 - Splish Splash & Struck Gold, The Conclusion

[This is the conclusion of two previous posts. DY had been baptized, it was quite a moving experience for everyone involved. He seemed to us as prepared as anyone could possibly be for the gospel].

Talk about a heck of a week. I suppose some good things have happened. JC was baptized yesterday -- it was nuts. President S [The Edson Branch President] baptized him and J is quite a large fellow. (Bluntly, he's fat). In the prayer meeting, Pres S said to J that he was going to push him down hard into the water, b/c fat floats. So he said the prayer, and then he just threw him into the water! J's so big & Pres S pushed him so hard, that water splashed out of the font all over the place. All over on the carpet. J almost hit his head on the side of the font -- but hey -- I watched him go all the way down, and then back up again. That's what counts, Adam's baptism was pretty crazy like that - (Moses 6:64). He was baptized, but no human baptized him - it was the spirit that did. It's the ordinance that counts.

The other hectic part of the week - goodness. I talked to Dad about it when I called -- D -- who was going apostate. [Remember this is the same guy we just baptized a few weeks ago]. I only have several things I want to say about the story. All we can tell now is that D was never sincere about joining the church. We went through all 6 D's withh im in two days. H resolved his own concern about the pre-mortal-life. So we thought he was good to go. There were several odd things about him. [My missionary companion] and I realized his testimony about the [Book of Mormon] wasn't quite as goo as it should have been. So we showed him Ezekiel 37:15 - 17 w/him about the sticks of Judah & one of Joseph combining together. He said "that makes me feel better." We're like, "okay, " -- that was an odd reaction, but we looked over it. Then he was sleeping over at her house - ["her" meaning the woman who brought him into the gospel. She had been a member for around 1 year give or take]. b/c he lived 3 hours away. ... Basically, we overlooked D's sleeping over b/c he seemed so sincere. A [Book of Mormon] guide classifies Anti-Christs by several points, one of which is them saying things the people want to hear. D told us everything, almost to a T, to the jot and tittle, of what we wanted to hear. Elder S, who gave him the Baptismal Interview, called him, and set things straight. But before that, he called on Sunday Evening, and told me the Lord had led him back to the Grace Gospel Church again, and that was where the Lord had led him. When he said that, I just had no desire to even talk to him anymore. I just said nothing I can say will change your mind, so I hung up the phone after that. Elder R called & basically said the same thing happened. elder S called & said when I gave you that BI, I was representing Jesus Christ? he says yup. S says, I heard you testify about the [Book of Mormon]. he says it was a lie. Basically, everything DY said to us was a lie. But whether he likes it or not, he's made covenants w/ God when he was baptized, and he's accountable for them ..... Basically the only thing we can sum up is that he had no desire to join the church except for Sis. C. He said he thought he could stand the church if he could have Sis C.

[I continue on in a non-faith-promoting rant about D standing before the judgement bar. I didn't come out and say just what happened between DY and Sis C, but I think you can put it together. This was the blackest period of my mission so far. I'd been out in the field for maybe five months. We had a lot of hopes and excitement and faith wrapped up in this guy and he just threw it back in our faces and told us he thought our faith was a bunch of crap. I'm not sure what D ever believed/felt and what he didn't believe/feel. It's pretty clear he was being subversive from the get go and once he made his mark on the sister in our branch, he left and wasn't interested in us any more.

On another note, shame on me for calling home! I called home to tell my family that I wrote a Dear Jane letter to my promised girlfriend. That is a funny story in itself. Perhaps I will just post the letter I just wrote to my sister about it. It tells the story in pretty good detail. But I wanted my family to know my relationship status, so I called to tell my dad. He handled it pretty well. Didn't say much of anything and probably wondered in the back of his mind "what the heck is my son calling home for against the rules??" I think the other reason I called is I was feeling pretty sorry and down'n out about DY leaving the church and revealing to us what he was. Don't know why I thought disobeying mission rules would help, but I tried. (By the way....it didn't help to call home.)]


Justin and Emily said...

I dont' recall this story about "D" That's quite sad actually.

Chris said...

Quite a post. The visual on J's baptism is just too much. Remind me to tell you about a similar story from a temple trip.

Yeah, people like D just make me want to spit. Talk about mocking the Lord - as if He isn't completely aware of their hypocrisy and lies. I have so much more respect for people who just say "look I'm not going to live up to these committments, so you better ask someone else."

Lee&Tami: Their life said...

You are right - I remember the call and was wondering why you were calling. I don't think I knew the real reason either. But it was a sad time.

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