20 Dec 1997 -- Last letter before Christmas

I think you’ve all pretty much what happened over the past week ~ at least, mother should know. (Placed 6 Book of Mormons in a day - ) most people just ton’t want a Book of Mormon, but in the wonderful Holiday Season, we have found people to be a bit happier. Also holding the Book out, it is natural for them to reach out and take it. And then, you have a Book of Mormon Placement.

The Edson Branch is taking good care of us. We have a real tree, with lights, tinsel & presents under it. J & her parents sent a box of stuff, I got a box from Grandma and Grandpa S today, also. So Christmas should be a Holly Jolly good time.

[funny that J’s parents sent me the care package and I had broken up with her, too. I think my letter and their package crossed in the mail. I felt guilty enjoying the candy they sent so much, but not guilty enough to send it back, I guess]

We had Zone Conference last week & President O. let us watch Beauty & the Beast’s Christmas cartoon & The Santa Clause w/ Tim Allen. It is truly amazing to see a bunch of Sisters & Elders watching Beauty and the Beast, and enjoying it! [I remember that I really did enjoy it, too.] Elder R has a funny saying about it: “missionaries have the gift of entertainment.” We can get excited from just about anything.

It sounds like it has snowed for good in Utah. Edson is still void of any snow ~ which is okay by Elder R & us, b/c then the car would get dirtier faster!

Have a Merry Christmas,

Elder Bettilyon

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