29 Dec 1997 -- After the Holiday & Drunken Anger

Dear Family,

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. I did, and it sounded as if all were happy when we talked on the phone. I also called C. [my best friend from High School who was a member of the church but no longer practicing] that day, and talked to him. He was quite surprised when he heard my voice, and I suppose it made his Christmas. He’s still quite the same. Not caring too much about God, or religion, or anything much at all except his man-made beliefs. The third Discussion puts the ideas of man into their place. It’s about the apostasy, and states that god is the source of truth. But talking to C on the phone about religion was quite less-effective. So I opted to keep things simple. I just bore my testimony to him ~ about a zillion times. I’d just sit back and say, “I know the Church I true.”

This week was really quite less effective. Not too many doors are open to proselyting missionaries (on Christmas). We went to the Branch President’s house, & talked to his kids – one of his sons went to France on his mission, & the mission President said “no visiting members’ houses until five o’clock!” [on Christmas Day]. He said ½ of the mission got beat-up. Pretty harsh, -eh?

[not sure how much to buy in to this story any more. Maybe some people were threatened. I guess it is possible someone got beat up in France b/c they were knocking doors on Christmas.]

WE are, however, getting ready to start teaching two families! On Tuesday last week (Christmas eve, eve) we ate dinner w/ a non-member family. We usually eat at Sis G’s house (the one w/ the FAX machine) but she’s out of town for Christmas and talked one of her non-member friends to feed us. We all ready knew the family, they’d come to the Branch Christmas Party & their daughter sang Silent Night, while I accompanied on the guitar. So we invited them to watch “Together Forever,” & to hear the Discussions. WE wanted to show it to them that night, but one of their friends came & visited them & it was not our place to invite her to watch the video. Well, it probably was, but we didn’t. & we wanted to get out of there once they served her some liquor. But Edson is a town of drunk druggies, so where else could we get people serving hard drinks after dinner?

As for Edson being a town of wine-bibbers, we had an experience a few nights ago w/ a drunk. Elder Ray was asleep & I was trying to sleep , but could not. Just as I was approaching shut-eye, this guy started yelling at the top of his voice, “Mike! You ^(^%(*^&%%%%!^&%, get out here right now, you spineless **&*&^&^%.” He was mad! He ran in and out of our apartment building, yelling and hollering. The door he was yelling at was across our hall and down three or four feet – it almost sounded like ye was yelling at our door! Then he went outside and yelled at the whole neighborhood, saying he knows he woke us up & that he didn’t care. He told us all his name, but he was so drunk, we didn’t understand it. I called the RCMP, but they took so long, he was gone by the time they got there. (RCMP is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ~ they use cars now, though).

Anyhow, things are going good & wish you well!


Elder Bettilyon

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Justin and Emily said...

I don't know why, but I think its funny that you mentioned the lady with the fax machine?? I must know why the fax machine was so important? Ha ha.

When we talked on christmas I think we all thought it best to stay positive and happy. There was no reason to ruin your christmas. I think talking to you was certainly the high point for all of us and I guess the only happy thing that christmas.

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