15 Dec 1997 -- 36 Charged in RCMP drug bust.... really

OK, so the last post died om me. Blogspot has this really annoying bug that if you select ALL of the text on the writing pane and then try to select the next line, too, ALL of the text you've selected automatically disappears. Last week, I came across the bug again and just gave up. Posted my title and then went to sleep.

Anyway, this is a real article from the local Edson rag. I think you can find them online here. In my journal I wrote "This drug bust happened while I was serving in Edson. It was sooo cool. I think our teaching pool must have dropped by 1/2. Along w/ the town's population!" I guess I was feeling a bit sarcastic that day:

"36 charged in RCMP drug bust

"There is a methamphetamine (AKA speed) problem in Edson and district", Edmonton RCMP drug section said in a prepared statement released last week by S/Sgt. Bob Young of the Edson RCMP detachment.

As a result of an undercover drug operation, Edson RCMP executed five search warrants within the Edson area. A total of 36 persons have been charged with trafficking mathamphetamines or cocaine or marijuana. To date 26 have been arrested. There are arrest warrants for the remaining 10.

Charges: methamphetamine (speed): 30 -- 28 trafficking and 2 possession for the purpose of trafficking.
Cannabis Marijuana: 17 -- 14 trafficking and 3 PPT.
Cocaine: 15 -- 10 trafficking and 5 PPT
Cannabis Resin: 5 Trafficking
Proceeds of Crime: 5.
Possession of Stolen Property 1.
Total charges: 76.

Undercover operators involved in a four month investigation that started in July this year stated that in their experience they have never seen an area o mall with this great of amount of methamphetamine usage and availability in Alberta or British Columbia.

RCMP statement also revealed that undercover operators were present when methamphetamine was being sold by youth as young as 14 years old.

During the investigation, speed, cocaine and cannabis products were purchased in multi-ounce quantities.

Bail hearings are expected to be held this week, at which time disposition of persons arrested will be determined.

Here is a list issued by the Edson RCMP of the persons charged:

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