Editor's Side Note about Christmas

Christmas really is a bittersweet time in the mission field. I remember each Christmas's feeling quite well, but I don't remember the events of each one very well. I'm not sure which member's house we went to for much of anything with one exception. We had Christmas breakfast over at the branch president's house. All of his kids were home for the holidays, too. One of his sons had recently returned from Paris, France mission and had known one of the young men I grew up with back home, he had apparently been his trainer.

Missionaries get to call home on Christmas. It is happy and sad at the same time. It is always exciting to connect and chat, of course, but always brought up pangs of loss and sadness for me, too. Bittersweet. I remember this holiday that my family kept saying how it was great to hear how happy I was and that I was helping them feel happy, too.

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