12 Jan 1998 -- A little more honest take

Dear Family,of ti

Hope all is well, & I hope you enjoyed that last letter that was beat to slime. I didn't want to rewrite it, so I just mailed it off.

Not much has happened since Dad and I spoke; I have quite a bad cold. I imagine that it's degree of seriousness reflects my mental condition. Not to say I'm not mentally healthy. for I am, but to say I was distressed & my cold hit at approx. the same time, so it hit a bit harder. I'm sure you all understand.

I got a card from Holly last week. It was great. I've also FAXed that thing to ... UNIPAC so I hope that should take care of it. Thanks so much, Dad, for taking care of that for me.

[I had taken out a student loan for my first year of college and never told the loan company I was going on a mission. Whoops. I ended up with a little hit on my credit report for being delinquent. Once I signed a letter they put it on hold for me until I graduated.]


I think I'm still in shock, I just don't know what to write. Not too much has happened. *SIGH* I'm doing okay with everything but this whole experience just made me re-examine my life. Teaching people, talking to people. Everything I do or say reminds me of mom. I try to get away from it, but I can't face the truth. I'm nervous for her, as I'm sure every one of you at home are, also.

Last Saturday's baptism didn't go through, she was still smoking, she's quit now, so she should be baptized this Saturday. Hopefully.

Love you all

Elder Bettilyon

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