19 Jan 1998 -- Still Waiting for Letters

Dear Family,

It's been an okay week. Things just keep on going fast. Quicker and quicker. EC was baptized on Saturday. She stopped smoking, and her husband baptized her. It was cool. Elder R confirmed her; he did a good job; she's been coming out to church for such a long time, it was a relief to us, and to the branch, to see her get baptized.

I hope everyone is doing well w/ the situation and all. I've still yet to hear from anybody, and so now I'm just fighting to find something to write about. (guilt trip).

President O called a few nights ago, and said it would perhaps bee a good idea to see an LDS Social Services dude. It was a rough decision, perhaps I'll tell you how I decided to go see him.

E was very sick on Wednesday, and non-committal for a date, or a time, to get baptized. Elder R and I just didn't know what to do. So we made a plan. We fasted, and used the power of the priesthood, to help her commit for baptism. She was very sick, and we blessed her that she would be well enough to be baptized on Saturday, and, lo and behold, she was well enough to be baptized. We then fasted for her and J (her husband). That she would be baptized & that he would baptize her. (he was really nervous). And on Friday night, we were over at their house for dinner, and e was wanting to have her parents come. If they couldn't come, she didn't want to get baptized. (They're non-member).

Anyhow, Elder R & I had been working to commit her for so long, we were sick of hearing her excuses. She called her mom, to see, finally, if she could come. It was a very tense moment when she called her mom, I promise. And when she said she could get baptized, & her mom would come, Elder R & I were overjoyed.

Anyhow, through the fast, I decided I should see a counselor. It won't hurt me to talk; it could only help, so I'm gonna' talk to him.

That's about it for last week's events.


Elder Bettilyon

[What a bizarre way to tell the story that I fasted and got an answer. Oh well, it's how I thought of it at the time, I guess]


Justin and Emily said...

Now I feel bad that we were all so unsupportive. I remember a lot of your previous letters, but i don't really remember these letters. I think I was in my own world. Sorry, to be so insensitive. I am curious what you thought of the LDS social service worker, if you felt it helped etc.

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