20 Jan 1998 - Next Transfer

Dear Family,

Just a quick note. I got transferred again. I'll now be in Edmonton, covering a Young Single Adult ward with the zone leaders. It should be interesting. Usually only zone leaders cover the YSA ward, but Pres O. is trying something new.

As for the packages, in one of them is my raincoat. It does me no good up here -- it's just not warm enough. You can keep it for later use, or try to return it to ZCMI in the South Towne Mall. It was in the neighborhood of $200.00, and I"ve only worn it twice my whole mission. So it's basically just taking up space.
Love ya' tons.


Elder Bettilyon

[As far as time between trasnfers, this one was pretty close. I think it had more to do with the divorce than anything. I remember the week prior my mission president calling me and urging me to see an LDS Social Services counelor, detailed in a prior post. I wasn't sure how the President would manage me going to see the counselor. Duh! He'd just transfer me closer to the counselor. Sometimes simple things elude me and sadly, I think the only real reason I sent the raincoat back was b/c none of the other Elders wore theirs -- we were too scared we'd look like the Jehovah's Whitnesses.]

A map of the transfer:

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