26 Jan 1998 -- The New Diggs

Elder Bettilyon
#104 9808 149TH ST
Edmonton, AB T5P-1K4

Dear Family,

Well, I was transferred to Edmonton. The new address is, of course, in the upper left-hand corner, where it always is. Remember, letter writing is easy, especially now that there's a FAX machine here. The number is [not important anymore] so feel free to FAX anytime, though I'll continue with the Canadian Mail Poste. (It is exceedingly difficult to get hold of our computer just after you FAX, so I'll just continue w/ the old method).

Anyhow, I'm staying with the zone leaders. There's four of us here in the apartment, so it's quite crazy. My new comp is Elder A, he's from Torrance, CA. My Roomies, (The Zone Leaders) are Elder L and Elder P, from Buckeye, AZ and Rialto, CA, respectively.

Elder A and I are covering the Young Single Adult ward w/ the zonies. We're opening the area, so things are going slowly as of right now, but they will pick up.

I've actually gotten quite a nasty sickness. I have a fever, and a runny nose, aches, pains, clogged sinus. You know, all the good stuff. So we're having quite a sleepy P-day.

Hope you all have a good week.


Elder Bettilyon

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