9 Feb 1998 -- Light in the tunnel?

Dear Family,

This has been an okay week. I'm beginning to get settled in to the city here. I'm starting to learn names and faces in the young single adult ward. It's good. I got the FAX last week -- it was good to read, thanks. From what I can tell, the family is happy. It always makes me sit back and think when I hear there's a different feeling, or spirit in the house. In a way, it makes me sad, and in a way, it makes me happy. It makes me realize that there was something different with mother. And that is hard for me, but it also lets me know that everyone now has the opportunity to be happier. Since there is a happier, lighter spirit at home, it will eventually reflect in each member's [member of the family] countenance, working eventually for a better, closer relationship between the family. That is the part that makes me happy.

[My father's letter must have really lifted my spirits. You may have noticed that I am complaining a lot about not getting letters. I was so distraught that right after my parents had separated and at the same time, I stopped getting letters. I would go a week without getting any mail just after this horrible event. I could not understand what was wrong. I moved to Edmonton and my Father started faxing me letters again. I was so happy just to have something to read! I discovered about 2 weeks later that somehow, the apartment number on my address in Edson had been transposed -- everyone back home were mailing to apartment #102, not #201. The poste employee had to put the letters in the box they were addressed for. One day, the Elders happened upon him stuffing another letter to me in an already grossly full mailbox. He looked at them and knew that the letters were for them (or one like them) and he finally got the verbal permission he needed to reroute all the letters from the States to box #201. The Elders showed up at zone conference with a stack of letters about half a foot tall. Turns out everyone had written me but the letters and comfort were sitting several boxes away. It really is funny now, but I was crying when I got those letters.]

This week we taught J. the fourth and the fifth discussion. WofW, LofC and fasting, fast offering and tithing. She's accepted all of the commitments well. Actually, at this moment we are fasting for her. She has had a lot of witnesses that she needs to be baptized. We gave her a very spiritual priesthood blessing, then, on the 4th D. we all knelt and had a prayer circle, each of us asking for the strength for J; and that the Spirit and angels would keep her uplifted. She wanted to obey the WofW, but she didn't have faith in herself. But w/ the Spirit, she was able to commit to live the WofW. Now, we're fasting so she will have faith enough in herself that she can keep her commitments after baptism. She is committed to living them now, but is fearful she will mess up after baptism. With J's situation, I can see the importance of friends. Last week, she slept over at her friendshipper's house all week. Her friend said she was able to see a change in her because of that. Her friends keep their standards which, in turn, makes her keep her moral standards. It's cool.

That's about all I can think to do, except to persuade you to share your testimony with your friends -- Christ, coupled with the Book of Mormon, can help anyone improve their life, from President Hinckley to a murderer on death row -- everyone.


Love, Elder Bettilyon

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Team Torrie said...

Its so cool to see your side of the story. What an amazing experience, that was 10 years ago, it feels like longer. I'm so glad that you are sharing this with everyone, Matt. Thanks!

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