16 Feb 1998

Dear Family,

I hope things are good at home -- they're good out here. I've ben receiving mail from you all regularly. (I suppose that means from mon and Utah). Anyhow, I've also enjoyed Dad's Faxes -- please keep me posted on how things are preogreessing w/ counseling/divorce and such. I am a part of the family also -- I'll be okay.

The work is also going okay -- acutally, quite well. We're teaching four people. Two of which are scheduled for baptism this Saturday (21st). JL and ST. It should be very exciting to see how they go through. The other Elders in the ward are doing quite successfully, also. Tow of their investigators are getting baptized this month.

I am so thankful to be on a mission. The Lord chastends us and keeps us on track, but we are constantly striving for self-improvement. We are working on our tracting and street-contacting -- trying to do more of it. It's fun.

Anyhow. Have a good week and we will write to you again.


Elder Bettilyon

P.S. Christmas Packages are still accepted - even if they have been halfway around the continent!

[The comment about packages going halfway around the continent is still referring to the mail strike. I must've missed a few packages at Christmastime? I can't remember any more]

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