23 Feb 1998 -- Quite a Lecture

Dear Family,

Thank-you all so much for your support. Your letter, your prayers, and such. I know that Christ has blessed me much and in this time of trial and adversity, I have been very blessed. To put it in context, imagine the poem footprints, and think of that man as me. I look back, and con only see one set of footprints a Christ has carried me through the face of adversity; and is still carrying me.

The work is going okay. Both of our baptisms didn't go through. One of them is only 17, but will turn 18 on 25 Feb 1998, the other had a bunch of tests come up in her physics class and she had to take time out to see a tutor. But all should be okay.

[Actually, the one who was only 17 was quite the experience. We went to visit her mother out in Spruce Grove -- a little bedroom community about 15 miles out of Edmonton or so. I think she's Catholic. She wanted to meet us before JL was baptized. She was expecting the "Elders" and got the ...young Elders. Two pimply-faced guys who looked young enough to be dating her daughter, not teaching her. She raked us over the coals for inviting her to be baptized on only the second visit. I can't remember what else she got mad at us for, but it was pretty clear when we left that she wasn't interested in investigating the gospel with her daughter. :). She is the one who stalled the baptism b/c we couldn't get parental permission. I still remember sitting in her living room, her mad at me and Elder C (district leader) and both of us just kind of sat there, wondering what to say to make it better. How does the Proverb go, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" or something? Well, we understood pretty well that day. Now I look back on it and kind of chuckle.

As for the girl with the physics tests. I can't even remember who she is any more. I guess it didn't go okay after all. There's nothing like baptismal commitments falling through to bring you down.]

For the past week or so I've been getting letters where people say "I don't know what to write," and I want to tell you, sometimes I don't know what to write either. Tell me about school, tell me about church, tell me about which non-member friends you're trying to share the gospel with, tell me about the chapter you're studying in seminary, tell me about your job, tell me about Hogi Yogi gossip, tell me what you had for lunch yesterday, tell me about the power of prayer, your love for mom, your favorite vegetable, your favorite time to sleep, your favorite web site, your e-mail friend who lives across the world, your dad, your family, the ward, missionary moments, problems you're having finding answers to problems through the Holy Ghost, or through the scriptures, your new pari of shoes, the crash you almost got in, your new haircut, who spoke in sacrament meeting, other missionaries from other wards, your new favorite band, the school dance, the guy who cut you of while driving, your friends, the hold in your sock, ANYTHING -- Also, I've found a good solution to writing when you don't know what to write about. Put your pencil to the paper and follow Pres. Kimballs' advice "Just do it" If you're low in spirit or energy, pray, and the Comforter will comfort you and help you write.

Also, I've found what lifts my spirits a lot is to write and tell mom how much I love her. If you're still feeling upset at her, it's time to give that load to the Savior, D&C 64:10 puts it quite clearly. Give it a read.

The Savior sacrificed everything or us. We need to let Him take our pain from our sin and our sorrow.

The key to letting go of sin is the atonement.


The key to letting go of pain brought about through adversity is the atonement.

Christ lives. I love you all.

Elder Matt Bettilyon


P.S. I included a litter to JH. The address I had was wrong -- please see that he gets it. C, M or R would get it to him if you asked/prodded them enough.


love ya' lots

[I still remember writing this letter. I think I would get letters from home that would be like a paragraph long and not really tell me anything about what was going on at home. Everyone at home was coping with this divorce issue with each other and attending counseling sessions together and I was alone in the field, and to make matters worse, no one was talking about it. I guess frustration got the better of me. I hindsight, I probably should have called the mission president and said "I need to talk with my family to stay connected on this issue. I'm calling them when I think I need to connect with them on this." I never did. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. Sorry I was feeling so mean, family. I think I can understand just where you were. Feeling like "I should write Matt." Sit down...."well Matt, life at home sucks. how is the mission Love you, Bye" just doesn't cut it even though it was honest. We were all trying as hard as we could.]

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cslemp said...

I remember letters like this too - probably came later in my mission than yours for the reasons you gave already, but letters sure are limiting, and can get tedious week after week when things aren't changing much.

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