9 Mar 1998 -- JL Gets Baptized

Dear Family,

Things here in Canada are good. Happy. Actually, things were beginning to warm up for a while here, but the past two days have gotten colder. Last night when Elder A and I were street contacting, it was just cold enough to freeze the inside of my nose when I breathed in.

We were blessed. JL was finally baptized on March 7th. It was a good baptism. She asked me to baptizer her. Actually, the First Presidency has come out with a new policy -- all converts are confirmed in church the following Sunday. So it was with J. She was confirmed and then bore her testimony in sacrament meeting. I was so happy. She got up and said she knew the Book of Mormon was true, and if all her friends and family told her it wasn't, and persecuted her, she still could not deny it's truthfulness. She told how she gained her testimony: fasting and prayer, and reading the BofM. After the fast, we read Alma 5 with her, and I asked her to be baptized. She said yes. It was very sweet to see and hear her bear her testimony.

Wish you all well. Have a good one. Stand up tall, be a good soldier of Jesus Christ. Let Christ shine through your countenance.


Elder Bettilyon

[This set of experiences is one if the highlights of my mission. "JL" and I still talk (not from my efforts, but b/c she has actually kept contact with me). I remember starting the fast with her very clearly. We started on Sunday and I went around the Riverbend YSA ward and rallied about 10 or 15 Stake Missionaries to come to a meeting with J right after the block schedule. "We're going to start a fast for her, please come join." The room was full of people. I taught a lesson about Alma the Younger and how fasting brought about his conversion. I said J wants to be converted but we need a little help with her Mom and her own commitment. J also fasted with us.

I didn't realize at the time, but she was scheduled to play an indoor soccer game on Monday afternoon or evening, but we had all committed to fast for 24 hours together. So, she went without water at her soccer game!! I can't believe it still.

I think her own sacrifice during that fast is what led to her solid commitment when she committed to be baptized a few days later. How great it is to still be friends with her and to know she is doing well!]


cslemp said...

awesome to see this highlight - these kinds of things gave you fuel to run for months of slammed doors. I remember that change of policy and feeling like things were being made harder for us mostly because of Latin American converts who are often too nice to say "no" to a baptism invitation but don't show up the next week. I've gotten over it and realized it's a good policy overall anyway.

cslemp said...

oh... and could you bump up the font size on your posts? I'm squinting even with glasses on...

MattnBeck said...

It is cool to see the fruits of the spirit that are bestowed upon the faithful who are willing to sacrifice for the Lord. It's easy to see that in JL's case and your own.

Team Torrie said...

I love it Matt!! I've forgotten some of the details, but it was so awesome to read that. I remember how thirsty I was at my soccer game and when I got home. I really had to use all my strength to fast properly, I cried and prayed. That was almost 11 years ago, it seems like yesterday and forever ago at the the same time.
What GREAT missionaries you and Peter
were. Thanks again, JL

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