13 Apr 1998 -- A......promotion?

Elder Bettilyon
#10 9808 149th Street
Edmonton, AB T5P-1K4

Dear Family,

Hope you are all doing well.  Today is known as Easter Monday here in Canada; which means no mail today.  Nevertheless, today is still a good P-Day  We all went to the Edmonton Zoo today  There wasn't too much there to see, really, the best were the monkeys and the elephants.

The area is going okay.  We've been working diligently to find people to teach, and the Lord has blessed us.  A few nights ago, we taught a 1st to C., she's been coming to church since November w/ her boyfriend, A, and she's finally agreed to take the discussions.  She says she imagines she'll join one day, but she doesn't know when.  R. is happy, but he seems to be his own stumbling block.  He's had a witness that he needs to be baptized from the Spirit, but he's having a tough time obeying it.  He also has a court date coming up b/c of driving.

Another exciting thing happened, too.  Pres O. called this morning to issue me a new call.  I'm to be a district leader.  I'm taking over Elder A's district, and he's becoming a zone leader, though we'll still be companions.  Then, next transfer in four weeks, I'll probably move out to a different area with a new companion.  It should be exciting, and a great learning experience, too. Wish you all well.


Elder Bettilyon

[I still remember this trip to the Edmonton Zoo, but the part I remember was the "petting zoo" and there were sheep in there.  Elder K had this way with the animals and I have a perfect picture of him petting the back of a little lamb and it was clear that the animal liked him and was comfortable with him, they were both happy.  I wanted to try it, too, so I gave one of them my camera and the sheep just kept running away from me. 

The other interesting part of the trip was that we decided to go in "full pross" which meant we went in white shirts, ties and name tags on P Day.  Honestly, I always struggled going out on P Day in full dress.  I never learned to do it well, but Elder K insisted -- rightly -- that we do it.

So as I'm making a fool of myself with these little sheep, some dudes at the zoo catch on that it's a Mormon missionary playing the fool and start mocking me (or maybe us, who can tell).  I don't remember the elephants or the monkeys at the zoo today, but I still remember that petting spot.]

6 Apr 1998 -- Post Conference Notes

Dear Family

I'm just enjoying a wonderfully sunny afternoon today.  The last two days were filled with spiritual thoughts from conference addresses.  I think my favorite talk was Jeffery R Holland - on Saturday, he gave a great talk about teaching.  The teachers in the church have a great responsibility, he said.  They're responsible for nourishment with the good word of God.  That's one of President Hinckley's "three things" that every saint needs.

One of our investigators showed up to conference on Sunday -- his name is RT.  We've taught him a lot.  He's progressing.  Knows the Book of Mormon is true, and loves coming to scripture study class.  Also, he was found right when he moved to town, so all his friends are members.  It's great.  He has a court date coming up thought ~ for reckless driving.  He is penitent, thought, so the Lord will bless him.  Especially if he decides to be baptized.

Elder K had us all write poems today -- here's mine.

     We proselyte all day and night,
     Serving with our strength, heart, mind and might
     Keeping our minds focused, so we'll be able to baptize,
     So upon our return, we'll find virtuous wives

Hope you like it - and the picture, too.


Elder Bettilyon

30 Mar 1998 -- Mail arrives in Abundance

Dear Family,

I hope all is well. I received a surplus of mail, which was delivered to the wrong address in Edson on Thursday - I had a good time "catching up" to some of the things going on. I had always suspected that I got a shortage of letters right when I found out about mom. I turns out that Murphy's Law is just in perfect order -- as it always is I'm afraid.

We've been working hard lately. We're teaching nine people right now, & they've all been found through tracting or street contacting, which makes us feel good, but it makes the Bishop feel like the ward could give us more people to teach. However, I feel the ward is quite supportive.

I don't remember if I told you, but I have a new roomie -- Elder K, from Orem, Utah. Elder L is actually serving with Elder O's old comp.

The gospel continues to spread forth, we're helping it! Look forward to hearing from you.


Elder Bettilyon

16 Mar 1998 -- Confrontation on Whyte Ave

16 Mar 1998

Dear Family

Well it has been another week.  That has flown by.  I'm still looking for a package.  But it has not been a week since I received your last letter, I think.  Then again, maybe it has.  We didn't baptize anyone this week, but we tried to find people!  We did however teach a few 1st discussions.

I did have a fun experience yesterday, thought.  Since four of us go to church, we often split-up so we can talk to people & tract or GQ 

[GQ means "golden question."  It's when you stop people on the street and invite them to learn about the church]. 

Elder P and I went GQing on Whyte Ave.  Whyte Ave is sort of the place where the freaks hang out!  Anyhow, we talked to a fellow, I introduced us, and he just flew off the handle.  He dropped the "F" bomb on us, and then pointed at me.  His finger was a few inches from my nose, and he hollered.  "YOU WANT IT ON THE END OF YOUR BEAK?!"  I just stood there, bewildered.  He hollered it a few times.  This guy was at least 300 lbs and 5'5" or so, pointing up at me, cussing, and asking if I wanted "it" on the end of my beak!  I don't remember what I said, but he walked off, declaring that he was part of the devil, and me laughing, and Elder P. trying to tell him to have a good day.  It was, definitely, a choice experience.  I've only had a few cuss words, generally, Canadians are quite polite, but you always rememer when you get the odd-ball who cusses at you.  Alwas good for a laugh. 

Anyhow.  Wish you well.  Much love,

Elder Bettilyon

[I still kind of chuckle about this one.  Every once in a while I'll point at Rebecca and ask her if she wants it on the end of the beak.  I don't think she thinks it's as funny as I do.  The foursome of us in the same apartment laughed about this one for weeks and weeks, though, consistently asking if I wanted it on the end of my beak.]

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