16 Mar 1998 -- Confrontation on Whyte Ave

16 Mar 1998

Dear Family

Well it has been another week.  That has flown by.  I'm still looking for a package.  But it has not been a week since I received your last letter, I think.  Then again, maybe it has.  We didn't baptize anyone this week, but we tried to find people!  We did however teach a few 1st discussions.

I did have a fun experience yesterday, thought.  Since four of us go to church, we often split-up so we can talk to people & tract or GQ 

[GQ means "golden question."  It's when you stop people on the street and invite them to learn about the church]. 

Elder P and I went GQing on Whyte Ave.  Whyte Ave is sort of the place where the freaks hang out!  Anyhow, we talked to a fellow, I introduced us, and he just flew off the handle.  He dropped the "F" bomb on us, and then pointed at me.  His finger was a few inches from my nose, and he hollered.  "YOU WANT IT ON THE END OF YOUR BEAK?!"  I just stood there, bewildered.  He hollered it a few times.  This guy was at least 300 lbs and 5'5" or so, pointing up at me, cussing, and asking if I wanted "it" on the end of my beak!  I don't remember what I said, but he walked off, declaring that he was part of the devil, and me laughing, and Elder P. trying to tell him to have a good day.  It was, definitely, a choice experience.  I've only had a few cuss words, generally, Canadians are quite polite, but you always rememer when you get the odd-ball who cusses at you.  Alwas good for a laugh. 

Anyhow.  Wish you well.  Much love,

Elder Bettilyon

[I still kind of chuckle about this one.  Every once in a while I'll point at Rebecca and ask her if she wants it on the end of the beak.  I don't think she thinks it's as funny as I do.  The foursome of us in the same apartment laughed about this one for weeks and weeks, though, consistently asking if I wanted it on the end of my beak.]

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