6 Apr 1998 -- Post Conference Notes

Dear Family

I'm just enjoying a wonderfully sunny afternoon today.  The last two days were filled with spiritual thoughts from conference addresses.  I think my favorite talk was Jeffery R Holland - on Saturday, he gave a great talk about teaching.  The teachers in the church have a great responsibility, he said.  They're responsible for nourishment with the good word of God.  That's one of President Hinckley's "three things" that every saint needs.

One of our investigators showed up to conference on Sunday -- his name is RT.  We've taught him a lot.  He's progressing.  Knows the Book of Mormon is true, and loves coming to scripture study class.  Also, he was found right when he moved to town, so all his friends are members.  It's great.  He has a court date coming up thought ~ for reckless driving.  He is penitent, thought, so the Lord will bless him.  Especially if he decides to be baptized.

Elder K had us all write poems today -- here's mine.

     We proselyte all day and night,
     Serving with our strength, heart, mind and might
     Keeping our minds focused, so we'll be able to baptize,
     So upon our return, we'll find virtuous wives

Hope you like it - and the picture, too.


Elder Bettilyon

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