May 11, 1998 - Transfer to St. Albert

Elder Bettilyon
#295 500 Rivercrest CR
St. Albert, AB T8N-3B9

Dear Family,

Not too much is going on quite yet -- I'm getting transferred to St. Albert - a suburb of Edmonton.  My new comp is Elder C. He's from California - and in inch taller than me!  We'll be sure to scare many people!

[I'm 6'4" which means he was 6'5".  Quite a pair]

Mother's Day was good -  feel like I've said all that there was to say yesterday, have a good one, & hear from you soon!


Elder Bettilyon

[I think St. Albert would actually be more accurately termed as a bedroom community near Edmonton.  Here is a map:

27 April 1998

Dear Family,
Whew!  That was a quick month.  It's been a good month, too.  No baptisms, but still a good month.

Yes, so I'm a DL now.  the district name is Whitemud.  It's kind of an odd name.  It took a month of living in Whitemud to get used to it.  There are 5 sets of missionaries in the district.  Us, a couple, and 3 more companionships.  One area has six commitments for baptism right now!  We hope they go through.

As for my area, and E. A's, we have too commitments for baptism.  CL and T.  C is totally cool -- she's been coming to church for six months or so.  We taught her the 4th, and when we asked about the Word of Wisdom, she kinda chuckled.  7th Day Adventist is more strict that us on their health law, which is something I never knew before.  She said she didn't totally adhere to it -- she uses mustard.  (sheesh)!  The story of T is in E's letter right now - so she can show it to you if she's not too busy.

I'll be transfered in two weeks, but I'm not too sure which area exactly.  But I'll be near this area, so I'll be able to get my letters & such.  Hope you all hav a good one.

Love ya'

Elder Bettilyon

[E's letter didn't make it in to my collection, and I didn't post anything about T in my journal, so I guess her story is lost.  I don't even remember who she is.  That is too bad.  So many people over two years, I tried to record a lot of it, but I am learning more and more that there are many people I taught who didn't get baptized that I forgot about.  I remember some of them pretty well, but others....well, I just draw a blank.

Another letter about everything else except me.  Hopefully some exciting, juicy stuff will come up soon.

For those who are interested, Whitemud is a region of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Sort of the North West corner of Edmonton -- by the really big, famous mall (which was off limits to missionaries -- probably something to do with the movie theater and the indoor water park with a high probability of scantily-clad women.  Just a hunch, though, since I never actually went. :)]

April 20, 1998 --

Dear Family,

Here's my REAL letter.  I just got your FAX, Dad, I was actually aout getting mail & there were letters for everyone, but me, and the new roomie, and I walked in & got a FAX!

The work is going okay right now.  We're working with C, she's committed for May 16th.  She's been coming to church since November, or so, and is doing great.  The Bishop talked to her for a while & finally convinced her to take the discussions.  She's a really sharp gal.  R is still slow-progressing.  I think he might have a Word of Wisdom concern.  But he just doesn't want to progress right now.  It took him 6 years to join the Catholic church, and he keeps on saying that it took Brigham Young 2 years to get baptized.  I always think, "It took Parley P. Pratt a day."  He's coming along, but slowly, I guess.

We taught a 2st to some gals yesterday -- they were funny.  We'd ask them to share their feelings about something & they'd say, "We don't know, that's why we want you to come over & teach us!"  It was fun.

I hope you all have a good week.

Sure do love ya'!

Elder Bettilyon

[Seems like this has been the same letter several weeks in a row. How dull some of these must have been for my family to read every week.]

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