June 1, 1998 - Another Special Transfer

Dear Family,

Hope all is well back home. There was a "special transfer" up here. Elder C went to Calgary, and now I'm serving with Elder F. He's from Yorkshire, England. (Now I've served w/ someone who isn't from North America!). perhaps you served around there - perhaps you didn't. I don't know which mission you served in.

[I was talking to my dad in that last comment. He served in the England, Manchester mission]

Anyhow, we had a good week last week regardless of the special transfer. The W's will be baptized on June 9th. They committed to the date yesterday. We fasted with them Saturday to Sunday. And we committed them yesterday. They're a great family.

I got some pictures back from a few things. Elder P and I made a trip to Slave Lake to do a baptismal interview, and we took some pictures along the way. Some turned out pretty good. Hope you enjoy them.

I had a good experience last week. I was rereading a letter from Grandma Sadler. She related an experience she had when Jory took his endowments out. I read it, and read it again, having the overwhelming feeling that all would be well. My answer didn't tell me what would happen, just that I would be hapy. I am content with that.

"Things" aren't all fun 'n games out here, but I'm happy today. Things have been improving for the past while. If that means more trials, well, I guess that's life. Christ will help me through.


Elder Bettilyon

[As for my not-so-sneaky comments at the end of the letter about struggles and strifes, my new companion that was special transferred to me, Elder F, well, we didn't get along so well at first. It was really hard. We would fight about a lot of things, including which side of the road was the "right" side to drive on. I always purported that I was driving on the "right" side, and English folks drove on the "left" side. He never thought it was as funny as I.

I'm not sure how many details I share in the coming letters about my struggles to get along with Elder F (and he with me!), but in the end, we both agreed that the companionship was a learning and growing experience and that we were both the better for it. We both learned a lot from each other.

As for the W family, it was very rare in the Canada Calgary/Edmonton mission to teach and see a whole family converted at the same time -- this was the only time in my two years that I saw it happen. The family was Six people! The dad was already a member of the church, but the entire family was taking the discussions. It was a rare and wonderful experience.]

May 28, 1998

Dear Family,

I guess I missed you last week! Everything's still good. The new area is different, but I"m still doing well & going strong. We went tracting in the rain last week. It's been raining a bit around here lately. Today we went shopping and it was clear outside, when we came out, it was pouring rain. It was fun.

We're trying to work w/ a lot of people right now, but only two families are currently being taught. The W family, and S, a media referral. She is the mom of a family, we taught her a 1st last week, and a 2nd this week, I hope. Th W's are doing great. T., the youngest, is grand. He told us "I'm ready to be baptized" and the rest of the family is close behind. It seems like they have been preserved for the gospel. They are so honest in heart. The family loves each other. I'm sure there's the usual fight or squabble, but they're quite cool.

Elder Kenneth Johnson of the seventy toured the mission last week. He was awesome. I learned a lot that I can do to improve my/our companionship & my abilities. It was rad. We're doing laundry at a member's house, and they all say "hello!" with a wish you well.

Love you lots!!

Elder Bettilyon

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