May 28, 1998

Dear Family,

I guess I missed you last week! Everything's still good. The new area is different, but I"m still doing well & going strong. We went tracting in the rain last week. It's been raining a bit around here lately. Today we went shopping and it was clear outside, when we came out, it was pouring rain. It was fun.

We're trying to work w/ a lot of people right now, but only two families are currently being taught. The W family, and S, a media referral. She is the mom of a family, we taught her a 1st last week, and a 2nd this week, I hope. Th W's are doing great. T., the youngest, is grand. He told us "I'm ready to be baptized" and the rest of the family is close behind. It seems like they have been preserved for the gospel. They are so honest in heart. The family loves each other. I'm sure there's the usual fight or squabble, but they're quite cool.

Elder Kenneth Johnson of the seventy toured the mission last week. He was awesome. I learned a lot that I can do to improve my/our companionship & my abilities. It was rad. We're doing laundry at a member's house, and they all say "hello!" with a wish you well.

Love you lots!!

Elder Bettilyon

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