June 16th 1998 – The Utah Jazz lost again?!?

Elder Bettilyon

#295 – 500 Rivercrest Cr

St. Albert, AB T8N-3B9

Dear Family,

I’ve heard the sad news.  how close it was, the trial, the trevail, the sorrow.  The Jazz lost again.  Alas, and such a close game the last game was!

[2nd time in the NBA finals…Michael Jordan was just better than all of the Jazz put together, it seems.  I still don’t remember who told me about the game, but I followed most the series second-hand].

But with all the sorrow of the Jazz, my mind was elsewhere.  The W. family was baptized on June 9th.  It was so cool.  They asked me to baptize them, so I did, and I confirmed them a member of Christ’s church on Sunday, June 14th.  That was an exciting day.

We just got back from a discussion with a media referral.  We taught her a 1st last week & asked her to read & pray.  We followed up today & she has some misconceptions about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I always love coming out of a discussion, knowing that you didn’t back down from the truth, knowing that you fought for truth.  I always feel like Alma and Amulek, or Peter, or Paul as I testify boldly against the doctrine of the devil.  It always gets me excited.

I hope all is well at home; I’ve not heard much since my birthday.  I got a letter from [and aunt and uncle], which was a nice surprise.  Even if everything seems hopeless, you can still write me!  I know writing letters can be tough when life is ro ugh, but I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t talk to people who didn’t write me.  (joke!)

I love ya’ lots & hope you’re having fun!


Elder Bettilyon

[I don’t recall who the media referral I mentioned was, so it sounds like we never went back to her house.  I was pretty excited, apparently. 

The W’s baptism is truly one of the greatest highlights of my mission.  I am happy to have been the one to be there when they were baptized, but their decision didn’t have much to do with me, and had more to do with their own testimonies.  Some of you guys may be reading this; hope it isn’t too awkward.  :)

I also should comment on my continual stream of comments about getting letters from home.  After my parents split up I became extremely sensitive about getting information from home.  If I didn’t get a letter for a week, I would get very down.  The only thing I thought I could do was keep asking for more letters.  Many days out there I just felt sad and alone, thinking about my family struggling at home with this horrible separation of my parents.  The letters from home were pretty significant events.

I remember that each time I received a letter from my dad that it would contain another tidbit about the divorce, the family, his romantic relationship with his future 2nd wife; some new piece of information.  I would read the letters with joy and agony, knowing that I was being thought of, but each letter was another stab of pain that my family was changed and different, as evidenced by the new “tidbit” that I had just received.  I can still remember the feelings of depression now.   Some days I would sit at the chapel and play “Families can be Together Forever” on the piano, over and over and over.  I can’t sing that song without completely breaking down…yet, with the Lord’s help, I was able to digest most of the pain and move forward.  My parents are great and hearing about them any more doesn’t make me depressed.  :)

However, I am so glad to have a wife and family that I can be with and love all the time!]

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