July 6, 1998 - a letter to my brother

Dear A.,

Thanks for the letter, bro! I actually enjoyed all the different fonts - they add a spice to the letters. (But the spice is definitely different than the variety of Spice Girls' spice -- uggh!). So, Dad told me that Hogi Yogi gave you the bum deal. That's no good. I am sorry about that. I was fired from my first job. In the nursing home. (That was rough). I was depressed for a long time. There was actually a girl who helped me. She said something simple. "Pray, trust in the Lord, and you'll find a job!" It motivated me -- I went and found a job after that, and ended up paying my loan for my Marshall amp. That's when I got into fast-food. I've been in it ever since. But Hogi Yogi was a bum place to work. And if DB still manages it, tell her to give you your job back! From Elder Bettilyon. :)
I hope that you re reading your scriptures. i hope that you are praying every day, too! Ever since I started serving, I've started realizing how important the gospel is. There is nothing more important than Jesus Christ. I love Him. I know you know Him. He understands your pains, your trials, and your sicknesses. And your sins. Christ has carried me in His arms ever since I decided to serve a mission. He's guided me, always told me what to do - and what not to do, though I've sometimes done the "nots" I've always prayed for forgiveness, and Christ always grants it, though I had to take the correct steps to ask for Gods' forgiveness. It has always been granted, tough. Christ's grace is sufficient for all.
Canada is fun. The prophet is coming to visit on Aug 2. That will be cool. I now also live in the Canada Edmonton Mission. It was created July 1st. I haven't met my new mission president yet, but I have an interview with him this Friday. Take Care! Love you!

Elder Bettilyon

[as for the Spice Girls, I guess that even missionaries knew about them they were soooo popular. I remember one family in particular where we ended up discussing them at dinner for several visits in a row. I am a little embarrassed to read my preachy letter to my brother. No wonder he didn't write back immediately! ]

June 30, 1998

Dear Family,

Today was a good day I guess. First of all, it's my little brother's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY A.! Also, today we took a trip to the temple. Me, Elder A, our comps and one other set of Elders. it was cool. We're on the way back to Edmonton right now. It's a six hour drive one way, so 12 hours total, at the temple, we did one session and also several sealings. It was exciting and interesting to witness and participate in a sealing.
I hadn't been to the temple for so long, it was good go back and review everything. Lately I've been having a rough time, and my mind has been swimming. I've felt rather stressed and like I'm not doing a good job as a missionary. I can see the fruits of my labors, and they make me happy, but soon after the baptismal service or after the new member discussion, when I can see progression, I seem to forget my success and dwell on my failures. Satan is working hard on me. There is obviously a lot of work to do in St. Albert. I pray I can see it through successfully.
I know I've learned much at the temple, but I've found that a lot of the teaching seems to be learned through logic. The temple is a very logical place. I did feel the Holy Ghost, too, tough, which is important.
We're not having what seems like too much luck w/ anyone who wants to be baptized. I hope we can accomplish our goal of five baptisms this July. Take care. I look forward to your letters.

Elder Bettilyon

[interesting. What a change from week to week! Last week I was optimistic that we'd have 5 baptisms, the next week I "hoped" that the goal would happen. Not sure what I report in the future, but pretty sure we ended with zero baptisms in July, but one in August.]

June 22, 1998

Dear Family,

Thanks for the CDs. I've enjoyed them both. I remember Elder Ray had Living the Legacy, and I always enjoyed it. I was excited when I opened it. P-Day has been good also. i'm actually trying to work with an Elder in my district who is having a rough time wanting to work. He's just not working; which also makes it just a little tough for his companion to work. We went to his house this morning to study with him. That's where obedience begins, waking up on time and studying. Everything else is rationalization.

Tonight, we'll be working w/ the G. family. We're teaching a second discussion and will invite them to be baptized on July 5. Elder F. and I have been having a good time -- working well, too. On Saturdtay night, we sat down and set a goal for five baptisms in July and covenatned with each other and the Lord to wrok for it. And according to our obedience we will be blessed and see the people baptized.

The Canada Edmonton Mission opens July 1st, the new Mission President is President A. They're from California somewhere. President Hinckley is also coming to visit the saints in Canada in August. He'll stop in Edmonton August 2nd, which will be very exciting. I'll be sure to tell you about it.

I've heard there is a new mission in Salt Lake, also. That is exciting. you will have to remember to share the gospel with your friends and tell me how it's going.

Elder O. has also moved up to Edmonton. I hadn't seen him for nearly six - seven months, which was exciting to see him. he says you (Dad) and his Dad keep in pretty close contact. That is good. I hope "everything" with mom is improving. I pray for you all and her often.

Elder Bettilyon

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